How We Got Started

You have never witnessed a love and passion for bacon more singularly personified than when you gaze upon Mr. Bacon himself! Seeing the bacon mobile rolling around town is a beacon for bacon lovers alike. Well known by master chefs throughout Las Vegas, Mr. Bacon’s knowledge and affinity for bacon has earned him an elite status among the Las Vegas culinary community, and also earning him unique and special off the menu bacon infused dishes, from Masters like Chef Eric at Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse inside the Golden Nugget.

It all started in 2006 at a Pampered Chef party, where Mr Bacon was introduced to cooking with stoneware. He immediately fell in love and bought 4 pieces of stoneware, and used them once a week for the next 3-4 years, solely for bacon, until they ultimately disintegrated. After the disintegrations took place, a close friend introduced Mr. Bacon to deep fat frying his bacon. He loved the increased volume by which he was now able to cook his bacon. Deep fat frying allowed him to cook 10lbs of bacon in around 20 minutes. His love for bacon was stronger than ever!

With a 14lb per week bacon consumption habit, and the constant deep fat frying by which he cooked his bacon, his health was at risk. Something had to change, and quickly. While bacon always makes everything better, Mr. Bacon had to channel his need for bacon into another facet of bacon adoration. This need gave way to the inception and ideation of bacon infusing. Inspiration from bacon infused vodka prompted Mr. Bacon to soak 4.5lbs of cooked bacon in vodka, along with the bacon grease, and then filtered it all through a water purification system, and then….unbelievable bloody mary’s ensued!

The Bacon Revolution

In 2012, Mr. Bacon had a revelation. After entering the Wright Bacon essay contest, and holding the required Wright Bacon party, Mr. Bacon’s eyes were opened to the idea of becoming a bacon promoter and perpetual bacon connoisseur. Las Vegas’ most elite socialites and culinary masters attended this party and raved about the multitude of bacon dishes. At that point, Mr. Bacon knew he had just tapped into something special.  

Then, following a trip to California, Mr. Bacon was turned on to “billionaires bacon,” which was essentially a sweet bacon with a spicy kick. He found it to be delicious, and then the mad scientist went to work trying to figure out what made that bacon so darn good. Was it a better quality bacon, or a thicker cut of bacon as opposed to the thin stuff that is normally used? Either way, he went home and started experimenting for the creation of his own Sweet N Spicy Bacon. Soon thereafter, it was an immense hit! He started implementing his creative process into the crusts of his pot pies, with the infusion of different spices into his bacon.

Soon after the success of his pot pies, Mr. Bacon met up with a spice company and began the dedicated brainstorming that would soon transform his bacon dreams into a reality. Not only was Mr. Bacon working closely with the spice company, but he was also taking suggestions and entertaining ideas from the public, who were quickly falling in love with his creations. Mr. Bacon states, “If I knew I was going home later to cook some bacon, nothing could get me down!”

His love and immense passion for bacon has permeated into every facet of his life. He even adopted the Mr. Bacon logo, which was created especially for him by a 13yr old fan. He also converted his car into the eye catching and highly memorable, bacon mobile. With so much love and dedication to his craft, it is hard not to be completely in awe of how Mr. Bacon’s mind works. There is no doubt that bacon makes everything better, so let Mr. Bacon make

All of your Bacon dreams come true today!